Best Camera Tripods In India – 2016 DSLR and Point to Shoot Cams

Tripods are souls of camera devices. It gives a grip and stability to it and helps to get professional shots. Even amateur photographers need to have one in order to get decent shots. Because whenever you hold your camera, no  matter how strong your grip is, you still gonna move a bit due to your heartbeat and respiration. Apart from it, its hard to keep your self still at certain angles – like corner shot from your height. You can find a plenty of tripods over the online world in India, You can’t just click on that buy button. There is should be certain things on mind in order to get the best one for you. Otherwise you may end up having a flimsy, short one giving out no results to your pics. So, keeping that in mind lets start a countdown of best Tripods in India 2016.

Buy Best Tripod in India 2016 For DSLR Cameras

Photron Tripod Stedy 400 with Pan Head 4.5 Feet + Carry Case

Best Tripod India

Photron is a well-known brand for Camera gears. Stedy 400 is one of the most affordable products of it and its completely suitable for all of the newbies and amateurs out there. It has a maximum height of 4.5 feets and can bear upto 2.75 KGs. Being extremely lightweight, this 3 way pan head tripod can be easily accommodated in your routine baggage and therefore can be comfortably carried along during all your photography assignments. For added convenience, it comes equipped with a quick release lever coupled with a self-adjusting camera platform. Buy Now

Benro T600EX Digital Tripod Kit

Best Tripod India

Its a very lightweight and easy to carry Tripod from Benro, which comes at a little more than twelve hundred rupees. It is Made of aluminum and plastic and comes with a 3 way panhead. The lock legs are really quick and you can customize them differently in case are over an uneven surface. The overall weight is 1.5 kg which is featherweight in my opinion. Also, it can hold up to 3000 grams. My personal thought would be – Its a completely usable tripod for anyone and I really liked the color features of it. But I cannot see any Bubble lever in it, which can be alarming for perfectionist. Also, due to feathery structure, you need to hold it tightly in winds. Buy Now

 Photron Stedy Pro 560 Tripod

Best Tripod India

 It is a highly customizable 1349 rupee tripod from photron. With a Sturdy structure of plastic + Aluminium, it is robust and sturdy and can bear a few drops. But keep this in mind that the height lever, which is a small piece of plastic at the side of it, is not that tough. You can easily break it from a single drop. Apart form it, every other thing makes it an ideal Tripod for both pros and noobs.
It also features a bubble leveller. That means one can get extremely accurate head and vest shots with it. Now, My personal favourite feature is height. It says in the description that the max height is 5.1 Feets, which is not true. I personally have used it and found out on extending full that its more than 6 feets. Its a great thing for tall people and short ones can also customize it according to their respective heights. Buy Now

 Vanguard CX203AGH Espod Tripod Aluminum

Best Tripod India

 Its a sophisticated-looking Ergonomic handle-having tripod designed for Avid photographers. You can place any camera over it and get the desired shot in the best way. Vanguard is popular for creating some really expensive tripods, But this one here, costs ₹3860 and is available online. It Features a central column anti-shock ring for cancelling the shock caused by external forces. You can notice in the picture that there is a gun shaped head that makes it much friendly to grab and control it. You can use it in various ways from holding it away to setting your camera angle. Buy Now

PHOTRON STEDY PRO 880V Professional 

Best Tripod India

Here is an aluminium+plastic made Tripod from photron, making it the third one here from the same company. It includes  Fluid Head, Carry Case and an Extra QR Plate with it. The maximum height claimed on the sales page is 5.7 Feets, but the customer reviews tells us that its even more than that. With its own weight of 2.3 Kg, it can hold upto 5 Kilograms on it. On the side of it, you can see a handle which is strong enough to carry the whole thing in both conditions – closed and extended. Buy Now

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