Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India – February 2016

I finally have prepared a list of the best DSLR Cameras under 35000 Rupees in India. You can get all of them online and read their reviews here only. In case you are wondering, they all Are really good and captures gorgeous images and full HD Videos.

You can easily get bored from the phone’s point to shoot cameras in case you are a camera enthusiast. Most people who gets the taste of photography on phones, gets moved to a DSLR or a Digital Single lens Reflex camera. It allows to capture every moment in detail, due to a bigger lens and powerful image sensors. Photos from a DSLR are completely different and in case you wanna get a real life experience, its the best for you. The depth and blurring power of these cams are magnifico. Anyone can fall in love with them. Here are my picks of the best DSLR cameras under 35000 Rs. I have selected the best cameras under a budget and also stated my favorite one here in order to give you the idea of my choice.

Cannon 1200D

Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India

1200D is one of the handful of under 30K DSLRs of Cannon. It is the cheapest in the list but gives an Expensive look. It offers a great quality image capturing technology and shoots video in Full HD. Im sharing the Flipkart link over here that is the best deal as far as I see in the web. you can get it for less than 26 thousand from this link. Read more..

Nikon D3300

Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India

Its not inappropriate to say that D3300 is the most popular entry -level DSLR in India. Many ask is it up to date with this era’s Tech. And my reply is yes ! It gives you crispy photos and 1080p good frame rate video and used in professional work in Studios too. Go ahead and get it, if you have a tight budget under of 30K. You either get a Zoom or Prime lens with it, it all depends on your requirements.Read more..

Sony SLT-A58K

Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India

Sony is an old player here. Back then there was a time in India, when Sony was dominating the entire market. People were crazy about it. But soon due to other companies’ good products, sony lost their grip in India. But it does not mean that they gone complete crappy ! SLT-A58K is a living example for this. It is one of sony’s under 30k Cameras that gives same amount of specs as its competitors.Read more..

Cannon 700D

Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India

A lightweight and compact design entry-level DSLR with a good sensor. 700D is one of the most popular budget picks in the market. You can see a plenty amount of people owning it. It provides high-depth in its photos and works great with prime and zoom lenses both. One can expect a good quality in it, even for a professional work.Read more..

Nikon D5300

Best DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rs In India

For those who are familiar with Nikon’s image quality can understand the thing. It is the best camera in this range, and can give you some really amazing pics, especially when you are using some prime lens. Because prime lens generally perform better and give hq outputs. If you are someone who is into the “Bokeh” thing, then definitely go with a prime lens. You won’t regret it for sure. It also provides an articulating 270 degree rotatable screen with decent resolution specs. Though, its not a touch screen, its highly convenient and a bit more tougher than others here. It gives you a real time footage of the subject and captures photos same like them. Read more.. 

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