[+LIVE*] Download Hotstar Live App For PC/Laptop/MAC [Windows 7/8/8.1]

Note : If You are searching for Hotstar For PC Or BCCI App For PC then this is the right Place For You. We will tell the exact way to run that on your Computer. Hotstar is the Indian version of Netflix which is getting popular these days due to a huge list of features that it provides. One can easily watch all sorts of chanels as well as live sports streams in their device using this app. Star Sports PVT limited have officially developed and introduced this software before the beginning of ICC World Cup. They advertised this on TV and Internet. Due to that, millions of people have downloaded it till now and Star sports have generated lot’s of revenue through it. We all know How crazy people are about apps these days. That is why star has targeted a huge number of audience using this ICC advertisement. This app has became one of the most searched ones in India and is constantly expanding. Star is also not showing any mercy to other live-streaming apps by constantly launching updates and doing advertisements. Till now, We’ve seen its ads on various sites, YouTube Videos and in Television too. One can easily download and run it as it is very simple to get as well as to use. You can either get it from play store, or search for an ap online. After installation, it directly takes you to the home panel from where you can select what you have to watch. It shows you a huge list of trending shows or matches and let’s you watch any of them for free. Download Hotstar App For PC : Star India Private Limited Company has recently came up with a very initiative way of allowing people to watch T.V on their portable devices via Hostar app. Hotstar is a specially designed T.V Streamer that lets one to watch Indian T.V chanels like star plus and Sports for Free just on their data. This new thing has got thousands of positive reviews over the past few weeks and is being loved by all. Unfortunately, there is no PC version of hotstar /that is officially delveloped by Star India. But as the title of this article suggests, we will teach you How To Download Hotstar For PC/Laptop {Windows 7/8/8.1 }.There are lots of app that lets you watch T.V shows online, but there are few things different in Hotstar that makes it better from others of its kind. You can easily watch almost any Chanel that is broadcasted in India and have a good amount of viewers. How they earn via the app ? Ads !, Saving our pockets since 1995. These ads are the only factor of those free apps and softwares that we get in the play store for no cost. They are the reason why Hotstar For PC is still alive and Those ads helps the developers to pay their bills and to buy cookies too.

You Can watch legit Sport Videos using this app

Most of the streams online are not genuine. In fact, there is now way to watch every cricket match genuinely from only one source. So, you can say that Hotstar is currently the only app that lets you watch legitimate sports streams for free. You can have it right now on your phone or PC. Keep reading this for more info regarding the whole thing.

I have updated the article with latest info regarding the application. Now, you will be able to get faster streams and live downloads in the PC version of Hotstar application. So go ahead and have a complete look over the data that I have collected about the application and you will surely get benefited from it. Hotstar For PC : After Showbox and BCCI lot’s of new apps got developed by various programmers in order to grab attention of entertainment-hungry audience, but only a few of them got succeed. Hotstar live app For PC is one of them which is officially developed by Star Sports PVT in order to let the people watch television from their portable devices. This app lets you run live streams of the ongoing matches, Episodes of various TV Serials and also movies and viral videos. This app got released at the beginning of ICC Cricket world cup 2015 and got advertised on various T.V Channels as well as YouTube videos. Due to this, millions of people downloaded it and are so happy with it that they want a PC version of Hotstar. UPDATE: You can now watch all great matches and championships right on your PC using Hotstar  : It has been officially confirmed that most of the live Cricket matches will be available for stream on the Hotstar Application. You can also get it running live on this application. Post your views about this. And the first On Air with AIB season got ended recently. We hope the next one will be better than ever and will start soon.

Do let me know, if this much information is not enough for you. I will let you know guys much more soon. Just add a comment on which point you think the details are less or not enough and I will rewrite and add writings to there. Make sure to check your comment before posting, because you might have not seen an info which is already listed here and then though that its not over here. If you have any questions regarding this, do let me know in the comment’s section down bellow. I will assist you on your topic/issue as soon as possible.

In this article, you will learn :

Note : If you guys want to have a full video demo of this thing, do let me know in the comments bellow and I will prepare a a video featuring this app working on Computer.

  • Hotstar For Windows Features
  • How To Download Hotstar For PC
  • Andy the Android Player
  • Tango For PC download, Which is also a great application

Note : IPL is nearly over, and thousands of us have watched multiple matches of it through this great application. You will be able to watch things in future too, using this application. And there are also the possibilities of Hotstar to be supported by soccer-liver streams in the nearby future. In case you are a football fan, it will be really beneficial for you. We will be updating this article on a regular basis, so that you stay updated about the latest method of running this software program on your Computer.

Download Hotstar App For PC In this article, we will be talking about How To Run Hotstar on Computer. Many of us searching for that, but sadly there is no PC version developed yet and that’s a really big sad-fact for all cricket lovers. But as the tittle suggests, we will show you to run it on PC anyway. First of all, I Want to clear this this is a complete genuine way and requires no special skills at all. Although, Star Sports is more concerned about telecasting the live ICC matches, they have a separate team to handle Hotstar and Apps like it Double the revenue. Th main source of revenue is advertisements. These advertisements are by Google, and is the main source of Hotstar’s earnings. Apart of it, there is also sponsorship. More clearly, Hotstar sometimes sell ad units to big companies. What Hotstar Live App For PC does basically is provide you a way to watch all popular TV shows, Movies and live streams. So, it is basically netflix which charges nothing at all. The whole App team earns through ads only and never charges the users a single amount of money and that’s the reason why people loves it very much.

Note : If you guys want to have a full video demo of this thing, do let me know in the comments bellow and I will prepare a a video featuring this app working on Computer.

Update:  BCCI Have specially approved a streaming contract due to which, you can easily Watch IPL Live With Hotstar For PC. It will allow more than a million Hotstar users to Watch the match online. Hopefully, in future also we will see a lot of matches happening live with this application. Make sure to get it on your MC, PC or Phone in order get the best form of entertainment on the Go ! 

Hotstar App For PC Download: Features

We update this article on a regular basis, so that it stays fresh and latest always. A very detailed and well-written content will be always here for you, so that you don’t have to search for this query anymore. We also updates articles which we think are outdated now. Its necessary to ensure the proper usefulness of this site and also helps the users and readers in multiple ways. Do let me know in the Comment’s section that How we can improve this site more and also tell us the type of theme and colors you like to see here in this website.

One can easily watch multiple shows and chanels on their smartphone/tablet via using this app. Hotstar is really a great alternative to all apps like Mundu TV and others that are not only slow but also cost more data charges. Those apps are really don’t worth it if you are in India, as Hotstar is far better than any of them. It is something like Netflix or Hulu For India – Both are not supported in India, that’s why Star came up with such a useful initiative (Maybe..). Though, hotstar is a revised version of Showbox, it has many more features than it. It is much more faster and data-efficient than it. You can see a huge difference in the performance if you use both of them. Here, I’m short-listing the key features of this application.

You can see the latest India-Pakistan match live on Hotstar for PC on your PC

  • One can easily view or watch all trending T.V shows for free. You can even go through episodes or let the TV run, which can’t do with MovieBox For PC
  • If you are new to smartphones, No Worries! Hotstar is super-easy to understand and even as kid can operate it very easily.
  • Hotstar is based on a very attractive and catchy theme of black and yellow color which is just impossible to ignore
  • If you want to see any live stream of an ongoing match, you can easily, just by going through the options.
  • There are many articles over the internet that clearly proves that Hotstar For PC is the best application ever made for watching live matches and streams. You can check that easily from just a simple Google search.
  • You can also Watch IPL 2015 in Hotstar, just by a simple tap. This is the reason why people are still downloading it even after the end of ICC.
  • IPL will also be free here and Hotstar won’t take any money from you to stream the live match.
  • In case you have a slow connection, no worries as this app will automatically adjust the video quality according your net speed
  • So, if you have a fast connection, it will show the best quality possible.
  • But in case you have a slower one then Hotstar live app for Computer will lower the quality down so that you get the best speed possible.
  • This whole concept was developed by other companies, but this app has taken it to a complete new level. There is almost no buffering as it lowers the quality down immediately when it feels that the connection is slow, which is a very advanced feature
  • Because of it, you will never see that loading bar over any single video ever.
  • This feature is also copied in BCCI App For PC, but it is not as accurate as Hotstar’s.
  • There is a separate department for Hotstar as Star wants a strong base for it.
  • This base includes some of the best engineers of the whole country, so that they never have to worry about any sort of technical issues.
  • Because of those people only, we get frequent updates and features.
  • Because of black & Yellow interface, you can use it comfortably, even in extremely low-light conditions.
  • Even after having a small team, this app get frequent updates and also 24×7 support, which you cannot find on ShowBox or other apps like that.
  • In case, you want to watch movies instead of live streams you can swipe to its specific tab or simply search for it from the software only
  • It works like water on 3G Network
  • BCCI Have specially approved a streaming contract due to which, you can easily Watch IPL Live With Hotstar For PC
  • If you still want a way to watch IPL online without downloading Hotstar, then stay cool, we will be coming up with a new article with live stream (soon).
  • The livestream will feature some of the best features which you can’t find anywhere else.

Those were few of the hundreds of features of Hotstar App. It is a really advanced application that can make you watch all sorts of T.V. Shows and movies online without any issue for free. You can also say that it is a redefined version of Netflix with more cool features. So as I mentioned, no PC client have been officially introduced yet, still you can use it on PC using a trick. You need to have the Android version of it and I’m telling you how to run the Android Version of it on PC. You can also Watch ICC 2015 World Cup Live on PC Via Hotstar. I’m personally using this app from many days and loves this very much. You can easily watch all your desired TV shows and Cricket matches via this application.

Download Hotstar For PC Without Bluestacks

No official client available? No problem! We will run it anyway. So, first of all, I want to clear what we are doing here. Since, No official PC client is available, we will run Hotstar on PC using a Third-party emulator. What is an Emulator? An emulator is a program that let’s users run any other platform-based program in your basic computer. So, if we use any Android emulator, it will let us run Hotstar For PC. New question arises that what emulator to use, as there are hundreds of them available on the internet. If you roam around, you will find a vast variety of android emulators. Many of them are free, while many are paid. Few are laggy while few are fast. You need to have proper knowledge of those in order to get the best one for you. In my case, firstly I will show you How To Download Hotstar For PC without Bluestacks. I will be using a different emulator, which is way faster than Bluestacks and comes at free of cost. Andy The Android emulator is a recently-developed program that let’s you run any kind of android application or game flawlessly on your Computer or MAC. You need to have few basic skills in order to run it and then you Go! Let us look over what you exactly need to do to Run Hotstar For PC. Andy The Android Emulator Offline Setup Download [Windows 7/8 & MAC]

As I mentioned on the first para, there is no official PC version of Hotstar, still you can run it on PC using a little amount of your grey matter. What you will need is an Emulator. An emulator is a tool that let’s you to run different platform-programs in your PC. So, as Hotstar is available for Android, you can easily run it on PC using an Android emulator. YouTube For Kids For PC There are loads of Android emulator Android App player available online, but I would suggest you to go for Bluestacks App player. It is not only fast and easy-to-use but also comes completely free of cost.

  • Firstly, Download Andy Offline installer from here
  • After downloading, install it
  • Open it after the installation and search for “Hotstar”
  • Find the original one and install it.
  • Now you have successfully installed Hotstar in your Computer. You canrun it anytime You want

Andy the Android emulator is a really nice way to run Hotstar For PC. You can easily get it from the official website, but the reason why I gave you a link to offline installer is that the size of the official setup is so big that it makes it impossible for slow net-users to download it directly. Also, It is not possible to share it to any other PC without making them that download too. The offline version is binary and you can use it on any other computer you want. Then also, if you want to Download Andy Online installer, you can get it here. In an alternate way, I would also like to inform you about a new Android emulator that offers some really great features that are impossible with bluestacks. See yourself : Andy Offline Setup.

Detailed guide for Hotstar App For PC With Bluestacks 2

Update ! : There is a completely new version of Bluestacks available to download for free. I have updated the links so that you can get the latest bluestacks offline installer for free. I have explained more about advantages of offline installer here in this paragraph.

Bluestacks is a popular Emulator. By “popular” I mean , damn popular! More than 85 million people uses it and are in love with it. This due to its unique features and awesome interface, that makes it look like a mobile device stuck into the computer. You need to download this from the official site, after that you can easily run any Android Application in your PC for free, without any issue. But the Problem is that the official online installer, which the company provides takes way too much time to get the source files from the official server. This is because the source files are too much and can’t be downloaded separately. It is hard to define why Company don’t provides any offline setup for bluestacks as they never expressed it. after downloading it through the online installer, you can’t even transfer it anywhere else or in someone else’s PC. So, in this article, I will be showin Yo a way to Download Bluestacks Offline, so that you can get all the great features of this program.

  • First of all, Download Bluestacks offline installer for free, to save both time and Data
  • Now install the program In your Computer and Open it
  • It will take sometime to start so wait for it
  • After it gets opened completely, do search for “Hotstar” from the search bar
  • Now, find the original one and install it
  • Now, you are ready to Run Hotstar On Your Computer anytime, anywhere

So for all newbies, who are not much into tech, here I’m breaking down the whole process, so that you will learn this quickly. What Am I doing is teaching you in a complete detailed way of how to run this android app on PC and MAC. You will have to use an emulator to get this job done. For those, who don’t have any idea about that, keep reading.

Hotstar For PC

Bluestacks is considered as one of the best Android emulators of the world. It is a really powerful tool that can magically run any Android application flawlessly, If your Machine is good. It is completely legal to run Android things on PC as Google has declared Android an opes source, so that anyone can do anything with it. So, that is the procedure of downloading Hotstar For PC. You can easily Get the emulator from the links i Stated above. The offline installer that I gave you is the best one from all. After downloading it, you can transfer it to any other computer you want to. Now, let’s talk about Bluestacks. It is also very good at running Android apps and has its own advantages. First of all, it is the most popular and most widely used emulator. It was the first one that we all used, hence many great and experienced developers are behind and are constantly researching to make it better. It is overall a great program and using it , you can easily Download Hotstar For PC.

  •  Bluestacks is Completely Free of cost and hides no charges in it
  • There is no premium version of it and only one free setup is provided to all
  • You can easily get Bluestacks offline setup from the link I stated above, in order to save time and data
  • You can also download Hotstar For Mac using it
  • In case you don’t like the interface, you can change it anytime you want
  • You can also make it appear on your computer’s home screen
  • Bluestacks starts at start up, still you can easily remove it from there in case you don’t want to put that much load in your computer
  • It sometimes shows a graphics card error, still you can fix it with a simple trick
  • You can run any application or game (Android App or Game) using Bluestacks as it is designed to run all sorts of Android Applications and games.
  •  To see How To download other kind of apps in your PC, check other articles here.
  • Free: The best part of the whole thing is that it is completely free and have no hidden charges in it. So, you don’t need to worry about any sort of premium version or any paid video.
  • Small: If we look at the features, 50MB seems really small for an app that provides such a huge bunch of advanced features.
  • Easy-To-Use: Even a kid can get familiar with the interface within five minutes!
  • Attractive: All the colours and texts are so Catchy that wouldn’t stop looking at it at first sight

So first you will have to Download Bluestacks Program from the link I already gave you, then you will need to install it. One more thing is that, I gave the link to another article of my site, not Bluestacks Official site, Why So ? Actually, that link leads to an offline installer of bluestacks which is completely official, but the link is hidden in directory of the official site. You can have the link from the article and then you can easily download and Install Bluestacks. Having an offline version is always a good thing, as you can easily give it to any of your friend and also it takes less time to download. To Download Hotstar For MAC, You will need to get the MAC OS version of this software, which you can easily by the official site for free. Keep this in Mind that after that, you will need the exact Apk file from play store, you can do that by simply searching for the app inside the bluestacks. As a final recommendation, I will suggest you to use Andy instead of Bluetacks, as it is simply one of the most powerful emulators that comes for free and provide you multiple extra-ordinary features that you simple can’t get anywhere, even in paid things. Bonus

Watch IPL Live Streaming on Hotstar For Computer App Download

Hotstar is now allowing you to watch IPL online in high speed. You can steam IPL live matches on your smartphone and computers in case you want a better platform than televisions for watching it. What you need is just this app downloaded on your computer or phone and it will allow you to do that. There are many more sites and apps offering the same, but you can’t rely on unofficial sources for such things.

Hotstar have officially took permission from BCCI to telecast the live stream and is completely official, so you can take advantage of this thing and Watch IPL 2015 Live on your smartphone or PC For Free. Go ahead and give a try to this absolutely amazing application and share your experiences with us down bellow.

Tango For PC free Download

Tango is one best app in instant messaging area, that allows one to stay connected with their near ones. It has a really attractive interface with which people are currently in love with. For few it is even better than Apps like WhatsApp and viber. It is a recently launched thing, still got loads of positive reviews and hundreds of thousands of downloads that are clearly stating there must be something in it. However, for few, its just another whatsapp with a calling feature. But most of the people are loving it and lots of buzz about it is going on over the social media and rest of the web. It allows one to send messages, videos, images and files for free. Unlimited amount of threads can be transferred in seconds. This new start-up has already bouhth powerful servers in order to fulfill the demands and is getting popular all over the planet gradually. Note : This trick is provided as a bonus here and you can use the same method to Download Hotstar Live App For PC

Download Tango For PC For Free

Fortunately, the company officially provides a PC client for it using which you can easily download it on your PC for Free. Download That’s How simply you can Download Hotstar for PC. If you face any kind of problem while installing it, feel free to ask your quires by commenting down bellow. An also please share this article with your friends if You liked Hotstar For PC Download.

What Hotstar Live App For PC works so great ?

Many of people claims that Hotstar on their computers works far better than their mobile phones and portable devices. The clear reason for this that Computers are clearly way more powerful than portable mobile devices. Due to lot’s of physical memory and huge processors, Computers can easily handle multiple functions at the same time. Update: Thanks for Such a Response over this article. This is one of the most detailed tutorials on running hotstar live app on PC. Do support us, and share this site as much as you can, so we can get high amount of visitors. Thanks a lot! So, that’s How To Download Hotstar For PC. If liked this article, please share it with your friends and also tell us if you face any issue while installing. Just post your Queries in the comments section bellow and I will be replying them shortly (*Within 48 Hours). If you face Graphics card error while using bluestacks, do a Google search and you will see hundreds of sites showing How To Fix Graphics Card Error.

You can also Download Apk of directly from somewhere else and then use it on Andy or Bluestacks emulator. It will automatically open andy if you click on that apk, as this emulator supports Android Apk extensions and are designed for that only. To download Apk directly instead of play store, you check play store for pc to learn the whole thing. Actually, google provides most of the Android Apps through the play store. And If we look at it, we will find that you can’t get the real apk through it, which makes it a difficult task to transfer to someone else. That is the reason Why I’m recommending you to read the tutorial via which you can Download Hotstar For PC easily.


So, overall the app is one of the best in the entire industry and is currently being used by millions of people around the world. The recent news also tell us that many new movies are collaborating with the app in order to release songs and trailers with it. So, there will be Exclusive trailers and song videos in the upcoming months. It clearly means that only Hotstar users will get the chance to see those movie previews and the music videos before anyone else ! This turned out as one of the longest articles here in this website, but it was necessary to make the entire process clear in terms of

I would suggest you guys to share this article as much as you can, because I have seen multiple sites providing the outdated methods of running this application on PC. WE don’t have to work liked that, a webmaster’s responsibility is to keep its readers updated with the latest ways. That is why I’m asking you to share this.

Update : Watch On Air With AIB on Hotstar on PC (Season 1 Ended)

You must have heard about the buzz going on in this topic. Hundreds of thousands of people are sharing things about it and it has became one of the most watched web series till now. If you want to get it, you can download Hotstar for Windows 8 and start using it today only. Here is a Clip from thatt.

Give me your feedback on this website and its overall design. I hope you like the way it is, but if some modification is needed, do let me know. You can also let me know what else would you want here. Till now, I have added 100s of tutorial and informative articles. If something else is needed, drop a comment bellow. The show will also air on Star world, but the issue in that is, it is only watchable at certain times. While, on hotstar you have full control over what to watch and when to watch. You can get this right now on your PC, just by following this tutorial. Go ahead and do that in order to get these all features as quick as possible.

Note : If you guys want to have a full video demo of this thing, do let me know in the comments bellow and I will prepare a a video featuring this app working on Computer.

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