Download Subway surfers For PC – Windows 7/8/Xp & MAC

Subway Surfers is one of the best android games available to download. It features some stunning graphics and challenging objectives, which makes it better than others of its kind. Its an endless running game. It means that you’ll never complete it. The only way To compete with your friends is making higher scores than them. In this guide, I’ll show you How To Download Subway Surfers For PC. Go ahead and read all the things mentioned over here in order to get the basic concept about it. Make sure to get yourself in a comfortable environment in order to get the best results in terms of overall experience. I’m saying this because this tutorial is going to be a bit more different than other ones here. So, please keep this in mind that you need to have few basic information regarding the concept, otherwise you will have to have many problems in understanding it later on. So, go ahead and have a good reading session.

Download Subway Surfers For PC

The game was originally developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games in Denmark. Initially released on may 2012 and gone viral on the same time. Jake is the main character in the game and does graffiti on the walls of public places. The objective in the game is to escape from a cop, who tries to catch jack on the act of graffiti painting. You have to escape from police and also dodge the hurdles that comes on the way. The game is single player and is available on iTunes, Google Play,Amazon Appstore, Aptoidefor Kindle Fire and Windows Phone Store . But the sad thing is that, kiloo haven’t released any kind of PC-thing for this game, which makes it a mobile-only app. But how awesome it would be, if we able to play it on PC, with a bigger screen and faster chip. It would run flawlessly and give us an amazing gaming experience. Today I’m gonna show you a trick to Download Subway Surfers For PC.

Features Of Subway Surfers For PC

Actually subway Surfers is the best game in the endless-running range. You won’t find find any game like it with such cool storyline and graphics. It is developed by some of the best programmers of Kiloo and has got tons of positive ratings by its players. You can check it by visiting on its download page in the play store. It has got downloaded more than millions of times and is very highly rated game.

Download Subway Surfers For PC

If you look on the download stats of games like Temple Run, they mainly got low due to the launch of this game. Subway Surfers has , without a doubt kicked out all others of its kind from the ring off. And is getting even more popular day-by-day. So, you can now imagine how cool and interesting features it has got.

  • It has a very nice storyline
  • You have to escape a police officer you tries to arrest you on the charge of making graffiti paintings on the walls of the subway
  • You will see some of the coolest graphics that a mobile game can ever get
  • Its totally free, just few things are paid ones on store
  • It has an integrated store using which you can buy health, life speed and many more things
  • The more coins you have, the more things you can buy. Try to use a mod to increase the coins automatically. (search on the web)
  • It is available for Windows Phone, Blackberry Os, iOS and Android platforms
  • Bigger screen of PC will definitely increase your gaming experience
  • Keyboard controlling will make you more comfortable
  • When you run Subway Surfers On PC, It will obviously work faster than your mobile device, due to your PC’s processor.

So, I’m going to share two methods to download Subway surfers for PC. Each method have its own pros and cons. I’ll mention them bellow so, that you can decide which one is better for you.

Download Subway surfers For PC

In this method, we’ll use a .exe file. You don’t need to download any kind of third-party thing, just download and install this setup and you’ll be playing subway surfers on pc on the very next moment.

Download Subway Surfers For Windows Computer (.exe)

But there is a problem with this method. You won’t be able to get any updates on your game after installing it. And Subway surfers get updates on a regular basis. So, if you just want to play an old version, go for this step otherwise scroll down for the other one.

How To Download Subway surfers For PC (Windows 7/8/xp or MAC)

Now we’re finally here !

As I already mentioned above, there is no PC version of this game which is official. But yet you can use an android emulator to run the android version on your PC.

Moreover yo can run even more games by using that emulator ! How cool that would be right? So, without wasting your time lets see how to do that.

  • Download Bluestacks Offline Installer
  • Open the msi file andinstall it
  • Run Bluestacks and go to the searh option
  • Type “Subway surfers” and search
  • After gettin it, install it and run it

Now you can run Subway surfers on PC any time you want ! If you face any kind of trouble while the installation, do comment bellow and I’ll try to reply you today only. Hope yo liked  How To Download Subway surfers For PC (Windows 7/8/xp or MAC) . If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and do let me know what else you like to read here next on this website. You can also give me your feedback about the overall experience you had on this website.


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