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Article #8 : Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile phone free Chat/Wave all Models : WhatsApp Instant messenger needs no introduction. Its a very popular internet messaging platform with a very large user base. It was originally developed by two Yahoo ! employees, which later quit their jobs to manage their own company. It allows one to send and recieve texts, images, videos and other files unlimited amount of times for free. The only charge that takes place is with the Android users, i.e $0.99. Its free for the first year and after that its starts charging the money. By the way, If you use it on your iPhone or other Apple device – its completely free for you ! While deciding these  amazing plans for different platforms, the company did a huge discrimination with Samsung BADA users. They did that by not announcing the Bada – version of WhatsApp. An if we look over the stars, there are hundreds of thousand bada-powered devices like chat and wave that are currently active. Those devices are mostly found in countries like India and China. Whatsapp For PC is a very high rated application and has got tons of positive ratings on the play store. Its one of the most downloaded apps too (more the than 100 million times) . From kids to elders, all are addicted to it. So, why only bada users? There isno idea why they haven’t released any version for bada, may be due to less popularity or something. But they did release a java-compatible version, which again confuses us about the stratergy of the Company. Even if there is no official bada version, I will show you How To Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile phone free Chat/Wave all Models Easily.

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I made this article so long and detailed as I wanted to make it pretty clear for everyone. Also, I needed to keep it clean from fake methods and things. You will see many fake articles claiming to provide BADA version of WhatsApp, but the only working method is here and you can trust on it. There are many users who got it wqorking on BADA after installing the files that I have given here. This will be a long and well-detailed article containing all information regarding this topic. If you have any doubts and quires regarding the thing, feel free to to ask it in the comment’s section down bellow.


Whatsapp For Bada Download

By seeing the App’s popularity, Facebook have acquired the whole company in order to prevent any kind of competition in future. And currently, whatsapp instant messenger is powered by some of the best servers of the planet to ensure 0{a2037dc9ef5c43007da7824fcc2ffe2532f928f1bb3dd58b36d03763b15a49b2} Down issues. Whereas others of this app’s kind can get 502 errors if too much transfer takes happening. The acquisition have made Whatsapp Future more secure and safe.

Whatsapp For Bada Samsung Mobile – Features List

There are lots of reasons why one want to get this application. Its fast, secure and free (mostly), which makes it different from others. You can send texts, images and videos to anyone in any part of the world.It allows you to interact with your loved ones from anywhere, anytime. You can also get the best features of it after installing WhatsApp For Samsung Chat, as it is a good platform to to Run it. Also WhatsApp For Samsung Wave is a good combination to get the best performance out of this application .Lets look on the features briefly :

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  • Its a very popular application, hence chances having your contacts are very high than any internet messenger
  • Its free for the first year in Android then charges about $0.99, which is a very low price if we see its features.
  • The whole thing is managed by Facebook, so you don’t need to worry about down time issues
  • Its highly customizable.
  • You can even change the  background area of your chat window
  • It is very easy-to-use and even a kid can operate it
  • You can take a picture or a video directly from the app and share it with anyone on the very next moment in Whatsapp For Bada Samsung mobile
  • You can also record an audio from inside the app only
  • You can easily view if the recipient have read the message or not
  • You can also see the last seen time of any user you want
  • In case you don’t want to let other see whether you have ready their message or not, you can hide it
  • There is also a privacy option that allows to hide your last seen from others’
  • WhatsApp has been Acquired by Facebook and hence runs on a very powerful server, so no need to worry about downs and interruptions

If you want to know how to get that on PC, it is also simple. You can check other articles here too, but also I can give you a summary on those. It is based on Android Emulation. You need to use a third-party Android emulator for this job. Just download any good emulator and get the apk form the official site and you’re done !

There are much more features of Whatsapp For Bada , but you can only know them after using whatsapp for bada. So, without wasting your time, let’s move towards our guide for Samsung Bada mobile users.

How to Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile

As I already mentioned, there is no official version of whatsapp for bada but still you can run it on your bada phone via following the steps I’m sharing. Please follow all the steps correctly and don’t miss a single one otherwise things won’t work correctly. This method was not developed by WhatsApp officials or Samsung employees, but is introduced by geeks and Bloggers. So, it is obvious that it can have some loop holes in it. Still, you can trust on it as thousands of people are using it and it is working perfectly for them all the time. So, just lay back and read all the instructions and follow them correctly.

  • First of all download .jar and .exe file for whatsapp for bada.
  • After doing the same, Transfer both files to your PC via USB cable (that you got with your bada phone)
  • After transferring them, unplug USB cable and restart your device
  • And Now, install the downloaded files

Note : If any kind of issues appears while installing Whatsapp For Bada, make it sure, whether the time and settings are okay, otherwise things won’t go sweet.


Now, you can run Whatsapp on Bada (Samsung mobile) devices. If you face any kind of issue while performing this tweak, please comment bellow and I’ll catch you within 48 hours. Hope you liked How To Download Whatsapp For Bada. Yo can see how people got answered in the comments bellow 🙂


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