Scan Notes+ Download Narendra Mobi Keynote Application For Android

If you are like me, a geek – always hungry for new applications in the market, You already know about the Narendra Modi Keynote Application which recently have made a huge buzz in the market. This clearly shows the remarkable fan base of the Indian Prime Minister. There are millions of Modi Apps users around the country and all of them are extremely satisfied with the overall performance that this application gives to them even when its not running on a powerful device. This thing alone has gained this app lots of loyal users.

Download Narendra Mobi Keynote Application For Android

In case you are wondering what its like to have such an application all time in your pocket, its amazing. You always have the power to scan 500 and 2000 rupee notes, which is as amusing as the UI of Modi keynote apk. In this article, I am going to link the official site from where you can download this application for free.

How It Works ?

At first, it seems like too good to be true. But believe me when I say that This very application can identify fake notes from real ones. Now, there is no limit to devices, you can literally use it on any Android device you want to. Its compatible with all of them. Few other things to keep in mind are that Apk uploaded here do have a reason. I could have taken a different route and linked the official play store link. That is why Modi Apps keep getting deleted from the play store.

  • Go to this link
  • Install the app
  • Place a note in front of it and scan

Whenever the server error happen, just refresh the application and you won’t witness it for the whole day. Its a bug that you get to experience that even for a minute, but they are working hard to fix it. At least that we can do to admire the developers behind the hard work and  effort they put to create such a unique application.


By this time, I know most of you know many of the great features this app offers. But I guarantee you that you haven’t even heard of things I’m about to tell you here. All these features are tested by me. Hence I can claim they all are true. You need to read all features about Modi Keynote Application in order to fully understand the concept behind it. That is how things work.

  • Read about PM Modi’s Governance initiatives & achievements.
  • Learn more about PM Modi’s efforts augmenting India’s Global Recognition.
  • Know about how Good Governance is improving lives through Infographics
  • Receive personalised Birthday Greetings from the PM

Now You can see Why I won’t stop praising about Modi Apps. When I fist time installed it I wasn’t aware of the complete list of features. That made me kinda skeptical about the entire concept. Even though the options were embedded in front of my eyes, I could’t able to recognize them. Thankfully I got reached by a Power user of Narendra modi Keynote app to scan 500 and 2000 rupee notes. he told me about all the features I never knew.


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