Top 5 Apps for Synching Between Samsung Galaxy and Apple Mac

In this era of increasing tech awareness, everyone is becoming dependent on gadgets and smartphones more and more. You can see a bunch of gadgets releasing each day through out the globe. With this much awareness, its obvious that the data in the smartphones really matters a lot to their owners. In fact, its considered even more prestigious than the phone itself. Data transferring is not (always) easy. Especially, when its about the cross-platform transfer. There are plenty of reliable apps that can help you transfer things when it comes to same platforms. But in the other case, the list of trust-worthy apps and tools, shrinks to 1/fourth. Suppose you need to transfer files from Android to iOS, you will have to use a reliable as well as high-rated app. You absolutely can’t go with ordinary tools and put the precious data to danger.

I will let you know about the best tools, using which you can do the android-iOS sync easily. Just for example, you can transfer files from iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy and… ya you got it !

Transfer from iPhone to Android and Vice Versa

All these tools shares and differ in the methods they offer to share things, but all are super-powerful and can be trusted. I have made this list after going though plenty of guides on the web and I believe, these are the things that you only need to sync files from Android To iPhone and vice-verca. Just to clear the last part – You can also do use them if you want transfer data from iOS/MAC devices to Android.


Let’s start with a Simple one !

To use DoubleTwist, You will need to have it on your PC. After installing it, you can easily transfer files from an iphone to Android device. So, pretty neat and simple. Moreover, the procedure requires no Tutorial as everything in app are pretty self-explanatory. But I certainly have to mention this that this tool might not suit you as it comes with few errors in it.

Google Drive

Now this may be even simpler !

G-Drive is one of the most widely used cloud service existing on the planet. And Chances are high that you are already using it. But did you ever saw the feature, using which you can sync almost any devices ? Yes ! It exists; In the very same cloud service only. While few people say that it does not works on iOS properly, you can still give a shot to it as its the most simple and easy thing you can do to get your Android files on iOS.


This is one my Favorite one.

SmartSwitch is a newly-developed application which now supports Android devices too. It features three advanced methods of transferring files from one mobile platform to another. You can either have it on your phone or in PC, it depends on which method you are using; It has three methods to transfer files which we will discuss right now.

  • So, the first one here is a simple yet effective technique. You can perform this with your phone only. It will require a usb cable to attach both the ones. There is on bounding of using this that, this will only work if you have to transfer from iOS to Android.
  • Another option is to backup through iCloud. Make sure to have your files saved on iTunes and this app will transfer it to the Android. Speed is the most painful part, it all depends on your data.
  • Third way may take some time but is very effective. You need to connect your iOS device as well as iOS account for this and it will transfer your files to android.


This is all you need.

Sync made is a powerful tool developed to transfer files from Android to iOS. It can do the whole job of transferring all files from your MAC. It allows to choose from a wide variety of options that are the main difference from it and others. The main drawback here is that, these features are only in the paid version of this. The free one only allows syncs of calendars events like things. I’m not sure whether you can copy contacts from iPhone to android or not.

Android Sync Manager WiFi

You need to have a client on PC or phone and then you can sync all your contact, messages, photos, video, calendar, music and apps easily. This tool has some difficult controls that takes time to understand. After a day of usage, you will get familiar to it and start using it normally.


Moving from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone is now a very simple task to do !

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