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Whatsapp for PC is a very searched topic these days. This because, people want a bigger screen and a faster processor in order to run it flawlessly. But sadly, Whatsapp never announced any PC set-up and nor expressed any future plans for it. It was developed by two former yahoo employees who started it as a hobby, but later, quit their jobs for it. They grew up their staff to 30-50 people and opened the headquarter at California. Soon, people started loving the app’s interface and design and so millions of people downloaded it on their smartphones. Because of whatsapp’s unique facilities, other brands and start-ups also got emerged and thus these viber, WeChat and other sort of instant messengers do exist. But, WhatsApp was the first of its kind and others copied it, that’s why people loves it very much and are not intended to leave it for any other Im Like Telegram For PC or even WeChat For PC. Though, There is already a web version of whatsapp, but people wants something that gives more real experience of chatting in Whatsapp. The web version works only when the phone is connected to the internet, otherwise it displays an error message, which is what people hates most. WE all know it has its own advantages, but what is the meaning of a web version when can’t keep your phone away from internet to use it on your Computer. That is the reason Why people still searches for Whatsapp For PC Download, and Download WhatsApp For PC. I. So, In this article, I’ll show you How To Download Whatsapp For PC or laptop ComputerBecause of its fast transmission and easy to use interface, WhatsApp is definitely the best Instant Messenger Ever Developed.

Sad Fact is that there is no official PC version of it .However, there are some steps, following which you can easily Download Whatsapp For PC. After getting this messenger on your computer, you can send text, images, videos, audio files, location info to any of your friend in any part of the planet for free ! And the plus point of using it via PC is that you can do that in high speeds, without hangs and crashes. In this article, we will learn How To Download Whatsapp For PC (Computer Windows 7/8/xp and MAC)

WhatsApp has got a really huge user base. In fact, its the most widely used internet messenger. Currently, there is only a Phone version and a web version. But the web one don’t allow you to get the full experience. In fact, you can’t even update your status or Change the profile picture from it. To tell you guys the better way, I have come up with this tutorial on How To Download WhatsApp For PC. In this, I will explain you guys the exact methods to run WhatsApp on Computer. WE have already talked much about it in other articles, but here are some more better methods along with old ones which may help you decide the best one for you.

Make sure that you have a  basic idea of running Android Apps on PC. If you have not, then keep scrolling here and check the part where it has been explained. For all the familiar readers, I would recommend to jump to the procedure part in order to save your time. I will briefly talk about the app itself to give you an idea about its background and will then move towards the tutorial part.

About the App

WhatsApp got launched back in 2009, and there were two former Yahoo employees behind it. They were not forced to leave their jobs, but was intended to do entrepreneurship instead of working for someone else. They created the perfect idea that can make their app number one on the planet.

Firstly, They decided to test it on various Android devices and gave it to multiple people for sort of beta testing. After getting good response and few bug reports, they made it again with better features and bug fixes. So, this time this app went viral and got downloaded from the play store thousands of time. The employees thought this was enough to start a fully registered Company and leaved their jobs. After few years, it surpassed 500 million downloads and became the most widely-used internet messenger and still is.

This happening attracted the social giant towards it and Facebook bought it for nineteen billion dollars. That was a huge amount of money and made this a deal the biggest tech-deal of the planet. With such significant amount of popularity, WhatsApp got featured in multiple newspapers and TV Channels across the globe.


There are a hundred of things that makes this application unique and better. You can realize that there are literally thousands of great messengers that can be downloaded via play store and are completely free too. Meanwhile WhatsApp charges its users on a yearly basis, still people are crazy about it. You notice something ?

There are tons of amazing features that you can get after installing Whatsapp On PC. You can do all things that a mobile version allows you but in a very high speed. And thats obvious, after all, its your computer’s processor behind it. Lets see what features can you get after the installation.

Whatsapp For PC Downlaod

Generally, people are attracted towards the free stuffs. But this one is paid and still got downloaded over 700 million times. You can say this luck too, because there are not that much great features in it as compared to others. Still, the features are good and makes it one of the best in the industry. It may have accidentally or luckily got that much downloads at the beginning but that happening made other people to go with WhatsApp in order to get their contacts on it.

Features :

Here are the Features of WhatsApp Computer version that you need to know about. You can read this right now or also save it to read later. Do whatever but do not forget to read it.

  • Because of its huge user-base, chances of getting your contacts are the highest as compared to any other internet messenger
  • You can easily share media like photos, videos, images and audio files through it
  • Because it works over your data, no need to worry about extra carrier charges that usually implies on using SMS -like services
  • You can send unlimited amount of text or other stuffs to unlimited amount of people irrespective to any part of the entire planet. Meanwhile a single SMS probably won’t allowed to go any further than 200 words
  • We have seen messages of over 20k words. Yes such messages are also being shared on the network
  • After getting acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is now powered by thousands of ultra high-end servers that can handle billions of transmissions each second. That is the reason why it does not go down even after handling hundreds of thousands of messages every second.
  • Send text for free to anyone
  • Unlimited amount of image sharing to any person using the app round the globe
  • Completely free for iOS and charges $0.99 after one year in Android, which is nothing if we see the features
  • Allows you to send audio Files to anyone
  • You can also send Videos to anyone via it
  • You can directly capture a new video or image from inside the app and send it to anyone on the very next moment.
  • Set-up size is small and binary (You can take to a portable device too)
  • You can join groups in it, to multiple the chat experience
  • You can create a group and add up to 200 members in it.
  • You can update your status to show how are you these days
  • Probability of having your contact is very high, as the app is too much popular
  • There is no “Down”- like thing as the server can manage millions of messages/sec.
  • You can change the background of the chat screen in order to make it more attractive. (You can do that by adding your own image)
  • Whatsapp for PC also receives updates on a regular basis, you you don’t need to worry about that

So, that was a list that I though would be better to place here in order to give you people idea about it. For the daily-users, its of no use. But for newbies, most of the things gives idea about the usage procedure of it. You can comment down bellow if I have missed something and I will add it here as soon as possible.

One more thing

In whatsapp, You can easily send infinite amount of texts to anyone using the same app in this whole world. The thing which is to be noticed here is the bandwidth, which the server have. Actually few months ago, the whole 55-member company was bought by the social giant Facebook. this happening has secured the future of WhatsApp and have provided some ultra-high end servers. Which literally, can’t get down, even after millions of real-time activities.


This is a plus-point for all the users of this app, as many messengers gets down due to low-end servers. Many changes are also done by Facebook after the Acquisition like last seen, profile pic and many more. Future changes and improvements are also planned by Facebook.

How To Run WhatsApp on PC

In the mid 2014, after getting a huge demand of a PC version, WhatsApp finally released a web version allowing users to use the application without getting away from their Computers. So, now we don’t have to leave our PCs in order to check messages and send things. This may sounds great, but its not that much as you think.

In this video, you can see how advanced technology WhatsApp uses to integrate a PC version. Its good, sounds nice to tell someone and can amaze anyone at the first glance. But, have you realized the downsides of it? The video didn’t mention much of them but I will get you through them briefly

  1. You cannot change the Profile Picture : There is an option to enlarge it, but you cannot change it from the web version
  2. You can’t update your status : Using web version ? Good ! Want to update the status ? Get back to phone then !
  3. You can’r perform the Web Call : Web call is an interesting feature launched by the Company last year. But sadly, you cannot do this on the web version.
  4. You need to phone keep connected to the net for this : Better is they both are on same WiFi

Their are many advantages of it like, you get the option to send and receive any sort of messages from anyone in your Computer. But it has to be improved a bit. It should add a support in which it allows to stay connected to the web without telling you to connect the phone with the net. 7-8 months ago, when it came, we thought there will be updates that will fix the issues. But now we have realized that there is no sense in waiting for that. To get the bets whatsApp version in your PC, try to follow the steps that I have stated bellow.

Whatsapp For PC Downlaod


Whatsapp’s popularity doesn’t need to be explained. From kids to elders, all are super-addicted to it. Jan Koum and Brian Acton had not even dreamed about such huge success, when they launched the app back in 2009.  Both the founders were employees of Yahoo ! but leaved their jobs when the app got popular. You can Download WhatsApp For Windows After reading this article. Soon after the launch, whatsapp started getting famous all over the world and got a very “respectful” image in the market. This is the reason that, you can’t see any internet messenger more successful than this one.

How To Download Whatsapp For PC

As I mentioned, currently there is nothing like “Official Whatsapp For PC “, but the plan is that we’ll use an emulator to run the .apk file. To those who don’t know what an emulator is – Its a program designed to run different kind of platform thing in other platform.

Whatsapp For PC Downlaod

More clearly, we can run almost all android apps and games via using an Android emulator. Now the question rises – which one to use? , as there are hundreds of them existing somewhere and can be found with the help of Google.


But the most rated and widely used one is Bluestacks App Player. You can download it from the official website and run Whatsapp on Pc with the help of it. But the problem is, that the official site gives you an online installer, which takes ages to download source files. There are multiple reasons to use this program to run your Android apps on PC.


Here are some of the most important features of this android app player that you need to know about in order to run it in a proper way. I will suggest you to read all of these points carefully. It will allow you to download WhatsApp For MAC too !

Bluestacks offline installer Download

  • It can run almost all sorts of Android-based programs
  • You can get it free
  • I have posted a link from where you can download it as an offline version

So, now you have got an idea why it is one of the best emulators in the world. You can also copy the list to somewhere if you want to read it later. You can also give it to anybody who asks you about the program.

Procedure #1

Its only recommended to choose that way when either you’re to patient or you have a very high speed connection, Otherwise you can use an Offline installer, which I’m about to share.

Necessary Steps

Follow each and every step in order to get the work done. If you fail to get them right, then you can take my help, but follow the steps correctly at the first place to avoid any issues.

  • Download Bluestacks Offline Installer
  • Install it and open it
  • From the search bar , search for “WhatsApp”
  • Install it and open it
  • Add your existing number or choose a new one
  • After doing them, you’ll get a confirmation code on the number you entered.
  • Confirm the code by entering it on your PC
  • Now, you can run WhatsApp On PC
Andy the Android emulator

Its a completely new emulator that is getting popular day-by-day. Andy the Android emulator is not only free, but also provides great features that you cannot get on any other of it kind. You may have seen articles talking about, but I’m going to tell you the exact features and functionalities that I got to know after using it.

Use Andy the Android emulator

  • Its faster and smoother than any other emulator
  • You can integrate your Google Play account with it
  • It allows you to run any Android-based program in it
  • There is a special Facebook support group where you can take help of the Officials whenever you face problems.

After telling you all these things, let me tell you some more. It is my personal favorite one and is far better than Bluestacks. But the Fanboys of Bluestacks don’t wanna get away from it. That is why they don’t know the power of Andy

So, thats it ! Now you’ve learned How To Download Whatsapp For PC. Hope you liked this article. If you did, please share it with your friends and post your feedback by commenting bellow… It really helps ! From now, this article will be updated on a regular basis to give you guys updated ways of downloading WhatsApp For PC.

Let us recall !
  • Want the Complete mobile like experience ? Download WhatsApp For Windows 7/8/10/Xp & MAC using an Emulator
  • For Normal use : Bluestacks
  • Professional : Andy
  • No other use more than sending and receiving messages Use Web Version

You can also let me know what else would you like to read here on this article and I will create an article on your request. There are many articles here that are actually made due to requests. You can also comment and tell what do you want and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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