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Hello all ! Hope you are doing good. I have posted a lot of WhatsApp-related Content on this site and got a very great response from your side. That is the reason why I have decided to create an article that will consist of all all the necessary elements that are mandatory to give you a complete Experience. I would Suggest you to use the navigation panel in order to jump over the desired menu of yours. So, that will be a great idea to mention all the great tricks at one Place. Just follow all the WhatsApp tricks and tips here and do let me know if you have any problem in that.

WhatsApp Instant messenger is the most widely used thing of its kind. Reason behind that much popularity is the unique design and easy-to-use features which it gives to its users. You can send unlimited amount of messages, videos and images to anyone in any part of the world. An you can do that any time, its 502-proof (literally). In this article, I will revel some of the Best WhatsApp Tricks of 2015.

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The whole story started back in 2009, when two Yahoo ! guys Jan Koum & Brian Acton started WhatsApp instant messaging service and managed it in their part-time. The app soon gone viral and whole world started to knowing it. Later they left Yahoo ! and started their very own, completely registered company with 55 people. As the user base exceeded the counts in millions, Facebook offered some fat amount of $$$ and bought the company. After being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp’s Future is even more secure now.

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In this article, we will share some of the coolest Whatsapp Tricks, hacks and pranks. Follow each and every step correctly, and comment bellow if you face any kind of issue.

Top WhatsApp Tricks

There are lots of things that you can do in WhatsApp. You can even create a fake conversation in it or change your friend’s profile picture ! All the tricks are tested by me and are 100{a2037dc9ef5c43007da7824fcc2ffe2532f928f1bb3dd58b36d03763b15a49b2} genuine, No illegal things like How to hack whatsapp account – this stuff is not available here.

How Recover Deleted messages in whatsapp

Now, this is something people searches most about Whatsapp. Many important messages gets vanished either by mistake or due to re-installation of the app. If you also facing such problem, don’t worry. You can recover deleted Whatsapp Messages easily by following these few simple steps :

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  • Find “Databases” in the “Whatsapp” folder inside your SD card
  • msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt5 and msgtore.db.crypt
  • The first file is a collection of all of your messages that you’ve sent or revived in the last seven days, whereas the second files stores the data of all of your today’s activities.
  • Rename mgstore.db.crypt to Oldmsgtore.db.crypt or any thing you want (without changing the extension)
  • After that select the database, which you want to be recovered and change its name to msgtore.db.crypt
  • Now, uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it
  • Whent ask you about the restore, choose it and you’ll get all your data back

Following these steps will surely recover delted messages in whatsapp.

Change Your Contacts’ Profile Picture

One of the best Whatsapp prank, Change your friends’ profile picture in whatsapp. Not Globally, but in your phone only. To do this you simply have to replace the original picture with your desired picture in the root directory.

  • Choose your picture and resize it to 561×561 using some tool like Photoshop or gimp
  • Rename the picture to your friends’ phone number
  • Overwrite the picture in Sd card -> whatsapp -> Profile pictures

Now you can prank your friend by showing a different profile picture of him in your phone. Do not connect to any internet connection while doing this, otherwise whatsapp can update his picture.

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Make Fake Conversation in Whatsapp

Ever wondered How people post screenshots talking with celebrities in Facebook? They (mostly) don’t Photoshop it actually. You can fake a conversation inside the WhatsApp only. To do that, simply install WhatSaid in your Android device and start making your own fake Convos.

So that’s how you can do unusual things in WhatsApp, which most people can’t do. Use all those tricks to impress your friends and if you face any problem, comment bellow.

That is all about the best WhatsApp Tricks 2015. If you really liked them, then go ahead and Implement then to impress your friends and have fun. If you face any issues while doing that, feel free to comment it down bellow and I will try my best to solve them as soon as possible. You can also tell me what should I write next on this site to make it more useful for all. Just comment your thoughts bellow here.

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